The decline in startups - what can we expect from government?

According to Dominic Collins, a public affairs professional, specialising in stakeholder engagement, position development, communications and advocacy, says the great disconnect between the rhetoric about local entrepreneurship and Australian reality outlined by ANZ's BlueNote report are concerning, and somewhat confusing. 

"The startup ecosystem does not appear to be getting the support it needs to realise its potential economic benefit, and Australia’s falling entrepreneurial engagement clashes with our self-image of being innovative and pioneering," he says.

That startups are an essential part of the economy and should be nurtured is increasingly accepted as a given. Enterprise is intensifying its efforts to partner with startups, rather than shut them down or buy them out, and various Australian governments have tinkered with programs to nurture startups. We will know current Government’s position more fully after its report on the newEntrepreneurs’ Infrastructure Programme (EIP) is released, although there was little in the discussion paper that appeared to be aimed at the tech startup scene.

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