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Startup Tasmania exists to promote and support startup businesses across the state. We're an intelligent, dedicated group determined to build a strong future through invention and innovation.


Yup! Our focus is on businesses with plans to rapidly scale their offering. It doesn't matter if you're product or service based, how long you've been operating or which industry you associate with - what matters is your potential.

If you're opening a small retail shopfront to keep you busy until retirement, we're not much use to you. But, if your plan is to disrupt your industry by introducing some new-fangled way of operating said small retail shopfront, leading to an international franchise, we're all over that game.

Awesome! How do I get involved?

We're glad you asked! You could become a financial member or sponsor, volunteer your time or attend one of our events.  

Stay in touch with Tasmania's startup scene

All our latest news, discussion, comment and notifications are in the Startup Tasmania blog - get into it, make your feelings known, have your say. Anytime!

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The National Innovation Challenge is on again, and in contention is a team led by Paulo de Souza, of the CSIRO, which has designed technology to microchip honeybees to track them as part of the international effort to solve the mystery of the collapse of the insects’ populations worldwide. 

OPEN FOR APPLICATIONS Australian Small Business Advisory Services Programme The Small Business Minister Bruce Billson announced the opening of applications for the Australian Small Business Advisory Services (ASBAS) Programme. ASBAS aims to build on the previous success of the Small Business Advisory Services programme which has helped more than 230,000 small...

Tasmania's Simon Tyrell from nSynergy launched Startup Spring 2014 with a great speech about startups. Hear his interview alongside Casey Farrell with ABC radio on the night.

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